PAW Tribe Setup

Grow the network with a tribe.

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PAW Tribe Setup

What you need to know

Whether you want to develop on PAW or help the network grow with another tribe that votes, this guide outlines how to do it.

To earn PAW with a voting tribe it needs to have between 0.01% and 5% of the total PAW supply delegated to it.
There'll be some potential changes to the percentages in the future.

Opening a PAW account that votes require as little as 0.1 PAW. Tribes need to be registered on for others to see it and delegate PAW to it.
To increase the odds of others delegating to your tribe you want to have a very fast server with a fast connection.

Setting up the tribe


Under Linux run:
sudo apt-get install wget jq


Under Mac run:
brew install wget jq


Download the executable
Place it and run it where you want the node installed. It will create a folder with the latest node and set everything up.

After running the install script

You node should have gotten set up automatically after running the install script and output you a private key and address.

Save your private key and send a minimum of 0.01 PAW to the account to open it.

For the tribe to start voting all you need is to have other people delegate PAW to it.

Registering the tribe

The tribe needs to be registered on for others to see it and delegate their PAW to it.

Once it's registered people can see it as a option in their wallets.