PAW Rewards

Overview on how to earn PAW.

Earn PAW

PAW Rewards

How to earn PAW

There a various way in which PAW can be earned.

The most common ways are listed below and include:

games, giveaways, staking, delegation and tribe operation

Reward Cycle

The reward cycle is every 10 minutes.

The distributed percentages for a reward is currently set at:
- 5% of the reward goes towards giveaways and contests.
- 25% goes to node operators
- 55% goes towards stakers
- 10% goes towards charity
- 5% is being distributed through games

This goes until the distribution is completed.

More distribution methods may be added to the PoG model in the future and can lower the current allocations.


PAW is distributed a lot through giveaways.

The latest giveaway is being announced on discord, reddit and twitter.

Game Rewards

There are multiple games which reward their players with PAW.

The current list of games can be found on the discord channel or on reddit.

Staking Rewards

Staking rewards can be received for locking in PAW for 180 days.

Every 24 hours 55% allocated for stakers is given out as rewarde in propotion to their stake.

You need a Reward Key which gets linked to the account you want to stake with. The reward keys can be generated here.

The staking area can be found here.

Delegation Rewards

Some tribe operators give out rewards for anyone delegating PAW to them.

The list of tribes and the rewards they offer can be found here.

Tribe Operators

Everyone who runs a fast server can run and operate a tribe and receive a PAW reward for it.

For a tribe to receive reward it must have between 0.001% to 0.25% of the total PAW supply delegated to them. As well as provide a good up time and fast connection.

The reward amount and multiplier depends on how much PAW got delegated to it.

The rewarding distribution

The percentage of the delegated PAW towards 0.25% of the total supply is the % towards a 10x multiplier.

For example:
Nodes with 0.25% (850,705,917) of the total supply have a 10.00x multiplier.
Nodes with 0.15% (510,423,550) of the total supply have a 6.00x multiplier.
Nodes with 0.013% (44,236,708) of the total supply have a 0.52x multiplier.
Formula: (10x / 100) * (DELEGATED PAW / 850705917.3025 * 100)

A full tutorial on how to set up a tribe can be found here.