PAW Rewards

Overview on how to earn PAW.

Earn PAW

PAW Rewards

How to earn PAW

There a various way in which PAW can be earned.

The most common ways are listed below.

There are other ways PAW can be earned that are not listed. Check out PAW's discord channel or subreddit to stay up-to-date with all the ways that PAW can be earned.

All implemented rewarding methods can change, new ones can be added and currently existing ones get removed. Changes will be made with what serves PAWs growth the most in mind.

Social Rewards

PAW can be claimed on the front page.

The regular faucet is just giving small amounts. The other social account rewards are giving out a big part of the General Rewards.

Holders of a reputable Twitter, Steam, YouTube or Reddit account can claim a lot of the distributed PAW in intervals here by placing their PAW address in their profile.

Referral links are given out after claiming the social reward and allow for another 10% bonus reward each time it was used by another person to claim a reward.

The rewards payout is dynamically adjusted based on:
- How much is currently available on the General Rewards account.
- How many people claimed within the last 24 hours.
- How much percentage wise was claimed with each social rewards section 24 hours prior. A social reward section will have less payout if it was heavily claimed within the last 24 hours while those who were claimed less will have a higher payout.

It's also adjusted for each individual based on how many rewards have been claimed before. Each claim within a period time reduces the reward by a certain percentage.


PAW is distributed a lot through giveaways.

The latest giveaway is being announced on discord, reddit and twitter.

Game Rewards

There are multiple games which reward their players with PAW.

The current list of games can be found on the discord channel or on reddit.

Staking Rewards

Staking rewards can be received for locking in PAW. Depending what's been chosen unstaking takes 180 or 90 days.

The 180 days unstake option returns higher rewards than the 90 days option. The countdown does not start until the unstaking has been requested in which it will also no longer receive rewards for the duration of the unstaking.

Every 24 hours 25% allocated for stakers is given out as a reward in propotion to their stake.

The staking area has an introduction area that gives out bonus rewards when someone who was invited declares you as their inviter (introducer).

The bonus reward is 1.5% off the invitees current staking balance and is given to both inviter and invitee.

The staking area can be found here.

Delegation Rewards

Some tribe operators give out rewards for anyone delegating PAW to them.

The list of tribes and the rewards they offer can be found here.

Tribe Operators

Everyone who runs a fast server can run and operate a tribe and receive a PAW reward for it.

For a tribe to receive reward it must have between 0.01% to 0.25% of the total PAW supply delegated to them. As well as provide a good up time and fast connection.

The reward amount and multiplier depends on how much PAW got delegated to it.

The rewarding distribution

The percentage of the delegated PAW towards 0.25% of the total supply is the % towards a 10x multiplier.

For example:
Nodes with 0.25% (850,705,917) of the total supply have a 10.00x multiplier.
Nodes with 0.15% (510,423,550) of the total supply have a 6.00x multiplier.
Nodes with 0.013% (44,236,708) of the total supply have a 0.52x multiplier.
Formula: (10x / 100) * (DELEGATED PAW / 850705917.3025 * 100)

Anything exceeding 0.25% will go down in rewards in the same way it went to the 0.25% range up!
For example:
Nodes with 0.263% (894,942,625) of the total supply have a 9.48x multiplier.
Nodes with 0.40% (1,361,129,468) of the total supply have a 4.00x multiplier.
Nodes with 0.5% (1,701,411,835) of the total supply have a 0.00x multiplier.

Node Performance

Only nodes that keep up with the network and have a good connectivity get the full reward.

Nodes only get the full reward if they don't lag behind more than 1000 blocks from the network and respond in less than 250ms.
Otherwise the node will only receive 20% of the reward.

A full tutorial on how to set up a tribe can be found here.

Mining Rewards

PAW can be mined by providing computing resources.

To mine download the mining software. Extract the paw-mining folder.

Double click run_windows.bat. Copy your PAW address and right click on the black window to past your address.

Press enter and it'll start mining.

The rewards depend on the machine that mines. Faster machines will mine more as slower machine will mine less.

Connection details in case you want to use a different mining client or a third party mining service.

Port: 4444
Username: Your Paw address
Algo: rx/0 ( RandomX )
Difficulty: 275000 ( high end devices and mining services )

Port: 3333
Username: Your Paw address
Algo: rx/0 (RandomX)
Difficulty: 25000 ( low end devices )