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What PAW is

PAW is a decentralized digital currency that offers near-instant settlement (<1 sec) and feeless transactions.
The total available PAW amount is fixed and the distribution has been completed.

PAW built on a new reward model that allowed for rapid growth of the network while using TGS for consensus.
"Block" rewards were given to the people unlike other coins where only the strongest miners get the rewards which are then sold down to the people.

PAW is a community driven currency and network. The development and progress are made by individuals of the community.

Proof-Of-Growth Reward Model

The reward model that incentivized network growth

Unlike Proof-Of-Work which incentivizes the network growth solely indirectly through block rewards going to miners, Proof-Of-Growth was directly incentivizing network growth with rewards going to participants of the network.

Similar to mining, every 10 minutes a new PAW reward was made available and shared among all participants.

The distribution of the proof-of-growth rewards has ended early 2023 and was done over a course of 1.5 years.

While numbers can't 100% accurately determined with an anonymous ledger it's fair to estimate that anything from 50k - 200k people received a PAW reward from the Proof-Of-Growth distribution.

PAW Features


Instant irreversible settlement.

Zero fees

Send PAW to anyone anywhere in the world with no fees.

Infinity Chains

One blockchain per account with asynchronous send and receive allowing for instant settlements.


A DPOS/TGS model for consensus allows for an efficient transaction model that no longer relies on mining for confirmations.

Tribe Gather System (TGS) aka DPOS

Fast transactions with little energy expensure

TGS is a consensus model in which users pick a tribe that will decide on their behalf on the legitimacy of a transaction.

For every transaction tribes will gather and decide if a transaction is valid. The transaction will be added to the network when 67% of the tribes agree on the validity.

A tribe's decision weight is determined by the amount of PAW it represents.

TGS does not require mining and therefore comes with many advantages: e.g. very little energy usage and fast confirmation of transactions.

The Paw-Universe!

Pick your pawnimal and join the PAW-niverse.

The PAW-niverse is constantly expanding.

Series 1 comes with a selection of 12 paw-nimals.

Each pawnimal chosen for your account can come in a different color.


Orignal Supply: 340B PAW

Circulating Supply: 179B PAW

Burned Supply: 161B PAW

Held for development rewards: 40B PAW

PAW Comparison

How PAW compares to others


  • $3.33 transaction fees
  • Settles within 10-30 minutes
  • PoW
  • Capable of micro-transaction with channel fees on a 2nd layer


  • $4.7 transaction fees
  • Settles within 10 minutes
  • PoS
  • Unsuitable for small transactions

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to most questions

  • PAW can be traded on ViteX (Vite and USDT)

    ViteX ( PAW / USDT )
    ViteX ( PAW / VITE )

    In case of BTC/XNO/BAN we recommend:
    The official PawSwap as well as PAW Trade platform.

    Both platforms are taking user orders for swaps. It incentivizes the best possible price for a swap and high fees which would normally go to third-party providers to end up in the hands of the user instead.

  • By offering applications, services or selling things that others are interested in paying PAW for.

More answered questions can be found here.


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