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What PAW is

PAW is a decentralized digital currency that offers near-instant settlement (<1 sec) and energy efficient transactions.
It's permissionless and no middleman controls it or is required to allow a transaction between two parties.
PAW holders own their money and no centralized entity unless granted access to hold their funds can take it, block transfers or deny access to it.
The total available PAW amount is fixed and by 2025 most of it will have been distributed making it a none to low inflationary currency.

PAW is building on a new reward model that allows for rapid growth of the network while using TGS for consensus.
PAW is not just a currency it's a strong community growing by the day.

Proof-Of-Growth Reward Model

The reward model that incentivizes network growth

Unlike Proof-Of-Work which incentivizes the network growth solely indirectly through block rewards, Proof-Of-Growth is directly incentivizing the network growth. Similar to mining, every 10 minutes a new PAW reward is being made available and shared among all participants who contributed to network growth.

  • No exclusion through powerful miners, lack of technical knowledge or resources.
  • Everyone can contribute to network growth and get rewarded
  • No winner takes all. Everyone gets a reward in propotion to their contribution
  • Rewards are being directly tied to network growth.
  • Even distribution of the supply until 2025

Fewer participants will result in higher rewards for each participant. More participants will result in fewer rewards for each participants. The reward amount every 10 minutes is fixed with more people joining the supply and rewards each participant can earn continues to shrink.

PAW Features


Instant irreversible settlement.

Zero fees

Send PAW to anyone anywhere in the world with no fees.

Infinity Chains

One blockchain per account with asynchronous send and receive allowing for instant settlements.


A DPOS/TRG model for consensus allows for an efficient transaction model that no longer relies on mining or Proof-Of-Work for confirmations.

Tribe Gather System (TGS) aka DPOS

Fast transactions with little energy expensure

TGS is a consensus model in which users pick a tribe that will decide on their behalf on the legitimacy of a transaction.

For every transaction tribes will gather and decide if a transaction is valid. The transaction will be added to the network when 67% of the tribes agree on the validity.

A tribe's decision weight is determined by the amount of PAW it represents.

TGS does not require mining and therefore comes with many advantages: e.g. very little energy usage and fast confirmation of transactions.

The Paw-Universe!

Pick your pawnimal and join the PAW-niverse.

The PAW-niverse is constantly expanding.

Series 1 comes with a selection of 12 paw-nimals.

Each pawnimal can come in a different color.


PAW's distribution model:

Total Supply: 340B PAW

80% - 272B Coins: Proof-Of-Growth Rewards
10% - 34B Coins: Expenses
10% - 34B Coins: Team & Further Development

Expenses include: exchange listings, server bills and other expenses
Team: pays for the continous development and is split among all active core developers.

There are no presales or airdrops to reduce any unnecessary sell pressure.

Get Your PAW Wallet

Choose the wallet you prefer biome or biota.


Overall data of the proof-of-growth implementation.

Reward Time

Next reward in 10 minutes.


Currently at distribution #31447 (every 10 minutes).


Next reward distributed: 1,294,834 PAW (8.74 USD)

Reward Queue

Reward payouts in queue: 95


Miners: 12 (27 workers) (17.5 KH/s)

Nodes: 101

Stakers: 2,351

Last Cycle Reward

Tribes: 323,707 PAW (2.19 USD)
Stakers: 712,160 PAW (4.81 USD)
Games: 25,897 PAW (0.17 USD)
Giveaways: 90,639 PAW (0.61 USD)
Charity: 129,484 PAW (0.87 USD)


Total Supply: 330,794,814,559 PAW

Circulating Supply: 63,392,519,178 PAW (19% of Total)

Burned Supply: 9,487,552,362 PAW

Market Data

Price: 0.000007 USD

Market Cap: 427,900 USD

Fully Diluted Market Cap: 2,232,865 USD

PAW Benefits

The benefits of PAW


$2-60 network fees

  • Rewards exclusive for miners
  • 30-60 minutes settlement
  • Slow with mining
  • Decentralized
  • Indirectly incentivized network growth


$15-120 network fees

  • Rewards exclusive for miners
  • Settled in 10 minutes
  • Slow with mining
  • Decentralized
  • Indirectly incentivized network growth

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to most questions

  • Currently, you can can buy PAW on ViteX and P2PB2B2.

    P2PB2B2 ( PAW / USDT )
    P2PB2B2 ( PAW / BTC )
    ViteX ( PAW / USDT )
    ViteX ( PAW / VITE )

    wPAW is a wrapped PAW version that can be traded on the BSC network with PanCakeSwap and dextools.
    wPAW can be unwrapped to PAW via https://bsc.paw.digital.
    Note: wPAW simply offers a gateway from the PAW network to BSC it's not the main PAW coin

  • An overview of all possible ways to earn PAW can be found here.

  • Every 10 minutes the reward is split among all participants.
    5% of the reward goes towards giveaways and contests.
    25% goes to node operators
    55% goes towards stakers
    10% goes towards charity
    5% goes towards games distribution

    This goes until the distribution is completed.

  • There are staking rewards available.

    You need a Reward Key and must have gotten invited before being able to access the staking area.

    The staking area can be found here.

  • Proof-Of-Growth takes up 80%.
    Those 80% will be released in 10 minute cycles. Each cycle the reward will be split among all participant.
    5% of the Proof-Of-Growth is being distributed through giveaway + contests.
    55% of the Proof-Of-Growth will be split among all participants who staked PAW
    25% of the Proof-Of-Growth will be split among all node operators that have anything from 3.4M to 3.4B PAW delegated to it.
    10% of the Proof-Of-Growth will go towards charity.
    5% of the Proof-Of-Growth will be distributed through games.
    More details on the rewarding can be found here

    The development & founders takes 10%.
    6% was split among the initial 4 founders who did the first setup and release of PAW.
    The remaining 4% will be used for the continous development and is split among all active core developers.

    Expenses take 10%.
    This share will be used to pay for any reoccuring bills or one time bills. This includes exchange listings, server costs, bounties etc.

More answered questions can be found here.


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