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What is PAW?

PAW is digital money with it's own decentralized network that offers near-instant settlement (<1 sec) and feelees transactions.

It was built on a reward model that allowed for rapid growth of the network.

Unlike other coins where only the strongest miners get the rewards, in PAW "block rewards" were given to all participants.

PAW is a subunit of Arcadia (ADIA). 1 ADIA is the same as 10,000,000 PAW and 1 PAW is 0.0000001 ADIA.

PAW is a community driven network. Learn more about PAW here.

Beware of imposters! There are projects imposturing PAW under the same name, refer to "PAW.digital" to have no one fall victim to imposters.

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Choose the wallet you prefer biome or biota.

After setting up a wallet you can get yourself a few PAW from the faucet to get started.
PAW claimed


PAW has been claimed more than 451188 times on this website and social media platforms.

This does not include stake, mining and tribe (node) operator rewards.

The PAWnation grows every day.

603 members left until PAW reaches 50000 holders with 10,000 PAW or more.

PAW's social rewards were claimed from these countries:
Canada (573)Denmark (77)Indonesia (42076)Vietnam (5806)Singapore (1370)Germany (1617)Australia (312)United States (7753)Thailand (131)Malaysia (1257)Russia (7151)Philippines (111)Japan (359)United Kingdom (787)Netherlands (808)South Korea (155)New Zealand (32)Nigeria (1585)Romania (418)France (745)Brunei (44)Sweden (133)Turkey (240)Czechia (198)Pakistan (92)Saudi Arabia (15)India (403)Lebanon (9)Ghana (39)Poland (282)Latvia (93)Sri Lanka (9)Belgium (112)Portugal (74)Mexico (81)Brazil (480)Argentina (104)Algeria (25)Cayman Islands (5)Hong Kong (207)Panama (13)Costa Rica (26)Austria (155)Colombia (52)Iraq (14)Cyprus (28)Norway (113)Venezuela (13)Nepal (49)Malta (7)Ireland (51)Taiwan (45)Armenia (16)Azerbaijan (21)Bahamas (11)Bhutan (5)Bosnia and Herzegovina (19)Ukraine (2030)Macao (7)Switzerland (169)Togo (1)Luxembourg (164)Kazakhstan (131)Finland (183)Croatia (26)Italy (314)Isle of Man (3)Spain (162)South Africa (101)DR Congo (1)Hungary (47)Qatar (8)Moldova (62)Iceland (36)Ă…land Islands (1)Benin (2)Lithuania (47)Slovakia (31)Mongolia (4)Bangladesh (18)Cambodia (11)Georgia (23)Chile (40)Greece (187)Kenya (213)Peru (59)Slovenia (23)Bulgaria (68)Albania (43)Estonia (55)Morocco (16)United Arab Emirates (47)Israel (56)Jamaica (3)Puerto Rico (2)Belarus (375)Kyrgyzstan (7)China (39)Seychelles (17)Serbia (19)Rwanda (1)Bahrain (8)Egypt (28)El Salvador (6)Cuba (3)Dominica (3)Greenland (9)Uruguay (8)Maldives (3)Liechtenstein (4)Libya (1)Iran (8)Myanmar (5)Marshall Islands (1)Laos (3)Haiti (4)Tunisia (9)Cameroon (1)Ecuador (11)Gambia (2)North Macedonia (6)Tanzania (1)Afghanistan (1)Bolivia (7)Angola (1)Aruba (2)Barbados (3)Bermuda (2)British Virgin Islands (4)Monaco (4)Madagascar (1)Oman (1)Dominican Republic (2)Montenegro (4)Andorra (7)American Samoa (1)Ivory Coast (2)Syria (18)Ethiopia (7)Uzbekistan (20)Trinidad and Tobago (3)Paraguay (2)Belize (4)Mauritius (1)Kosovo (1)Grenada (2)Guadeloupe (2)Honduras (1)Antigua and Barbuda (2)Montserrat (1)Nicaragua (2)Saint Lucia (2)Samoa (1)Anguilla (2)Guyana (1)Suriname (1)Turks and Caicos Islands (1)Tuvalu (1)Faroe Islands (1)Yemen (1)Burkina Faso (2)


Don't see the price or amount you would like? Better prices may be available on ViteX or leave an order with your desired price on PawTrade instead.

Swaps are using peer orders on the PawTrade platform. Price and amount is determined by other users not PAW.digital

Market Data

Overall data on PAW


Total Supply: 179,186,777,365 PAW

Circulating Supply: 178,588,063,901 PAW

Burned Supply: 161,095,589,556 PAW

Holders: 49397 (accounts with 10,000 PAW or more)

Market Data

Price: 0.0000008 USD

Market Cap: 135,727 USD

Fully Diluted Market Cap: 136,182 USD


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